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Gundog training and Obedience training from professional gun dog trainer G Gibson


Basic Training

Gun Dog TrainingDue to demand we are offering a new service. For owners who just want to be able to take their dog for a walk without having their arm pulled-off and for the dog to sit beside them when told. But they dont want the expense of sending their dog to school for three weeks training. I will teach the owner in an hour or so to have the dog walk to heel on a slack leash in any situation and sit and stay when told. Like the rest of our training, RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED - this is on an NO SUCCESS, NO FEE basis and one session is all it takes. We do not ask for any money until the client is entirely satisfied. This is open to any breed of dog over 9 months of age except Huskies and Dalmations Cost: £150

To book call or email to let us know when would suit you and we will accomodate if possible. You will need to bring suitable outdoor footwear (wellies will do) and a waterproof jacket.

Obedience Training

Gun Dog TrainingWe take any breed of dog for obedience training from West Highland Terriers to Great Danes.
They are taught to sit, stay, lie down, walk to heel on and off the lead and to come to a verbal or whistled command. Any problems such as jumping up / sheep chasing, etc. can be incorporated into the training. At the end of the dogs training the client is given a "training" session where we teach the owner the commands and handling advice. We recommend a three-week residential course that costs £450 including boarding, feeding and insurance. We do not require any payment until the client has had a demonstration and is entirely satisfied with the result. NO SUCCESS NO FEE.

Obedience training: £450 per three week course inclusive of boarding, feeding and insurance.

Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog TrainingWe limit ourselves to a small number of dogs, enabling us to spend the necessary time with each individual dog and moulding our training programme to suit the dog and the owners requirements.

Gun Dog TrainingWe are situated in a small private sporting estate, which enables us to finish all our trainers on game in natural shooting situations. Clients are encouraged to visit once a month where a demonstration enables them to see the dog progressing through its training and discuss any details that may arise. The cost of gundog training is £100 per week which includes boarding, feeding and insurance. Under normal circumstances we aim to produce a fully trained shooting dog in 12 weeks.

Gundog Training: £100 per week inclusive of boarding, feeding and insurance.

Due to the number of people booking a training place and cancelling at the last minute, or just not turning up, we have been forced to take a deposit at time of booking. This deposit will be fully refundable if the client is not entirely satisfied with the result.