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Gundog training and Obedience training from professional gun dog trainer G Gibson


  • Hi Graham,
    Just thought I would let you know how hector got on in his first session working. His performance exceeded all my expectations and was first class.
    Other members of my shoot thought that he had been working previously. I can only thank you for a first class job and it is a testament to your skills that you can train a dog from a show line to work in the field.
    Please find attached a couple of photos
  • Lamington gun dogs  Lamington gun dogs
  • PS Rufus is doing well!
  • Frank McCann

  • Just to let you know there is a vast improvement in harvey and he is much calmer in the house. he is walking to heal nicely on and off the lead with graeme and onlead with me. i let him off but he played deaf on the recall so Im not letting him off with me untill i am more confident that he will come back to me. he seems a much happier boy and we are enjoying him so much more so thankyou and we are sure there is more improvement to come.
  • Thanks again
  • Graeme & Val Welch

  • Hi Graham,
    Just a wee update on Red.(Hungarian Vizsla)
    Since you first got him for training and then unfortunately I had to run back to Afghanistan for work a month later.
    I felt sorry to put him back in with you so soon after getting him back, but I knew he was in good hands.
    I also thank you for the short notice I gave you(6 hours I believe) and you could accommodate that for me.
  • 6 months on.

  • Family is all settled nicely now in Germany.
    Red's got a 1000sq back garden fully fenced to play in and we have a nature park right outside of the back garden.(full of deer,rabbit and boar)
    His fully conditioned kennel in the garden is more of a luxury and sometimes I feel like I should swop places with a 25 foot run attached.(my wife does not give me the same space)
    He's walking the cocky walk as a vizsla does but so good on the lead.
    I have had so many comments for the local people on how well he behaves as a young dog.
    Other Vizsla owners are impressed.
    Red had not seen a Viszla from his mother until he came here.
  • Even my 2 year old daughter is giving him commands to sit, stay and come.(Still hates to lay down on wet grass)
    From that cocky all legs and ears pup in the summer. Its not the same dog, and I thank you for that.
    I took the advice you gave me and he is still a work in progress but a manageable work whereas before I could not manage him.
  • He has now introduced himself to German Rabbit's and Deer, both of which give him a good run out.
    Only my command stopped him from crossing a road.(Using a whistle now to stop)
    I feel safe letting him off the lead knowing he comes back when I command and thank you for that.
    He leaves all the cattle and sheep well alone and that’s a great worry off my mind since you helped there.
    He still likes to play and jump but that’s his way and little by little he is coming round.
  • The best advice you gave me.
  • Remember I am in charge and not the dog, when he gets hyper ignore him until he calms down and then speak to him but not straight away.
    From the kennel to the car cage. This is great advice.
    He only gets to move when I am in control.
  • He met his first Boar today.
    He went one way the the pig went the other. It was funny as he had no idea what it was.
    In time he will know.
  • Again Graham,
    Thanks for everything.
  • You have made my non dog loving wife a dog lover and owner.(She will never admit that but she is the first to make sure the dog is looked after)
    Thanks to Red now being a member of the family and listening to her.
  • That was all your work and something
    That's money well spent
  • I would just like to thank you and your kind lady as she looked after him second time around.
    Thank you for everything.
  • Alex