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Gundog training and Obedience training from professional gun dog trainer G Gibson


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  • Just to give you an update. Megan has become a more balanced and happy dog since her stay with you. She walks to heel perfectly and is staying and waiting when told. I have her on the fields on a long lead asking her to come back to me, which she does, she actually looks at me which she has never done before. I am enforcing all you taught me and I am looking forward to letting her off the lead in the New Year. I cannot thank you enough. I will keep you updated. Have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Keep Up The Good Work. From a Happy and Grateful owner of a Very Happy Irish Red & White Setter.
  • Graham, I just wanted to thank you for the great improvement you have achieved with Hector. As you know, he was a nightmare both on and off the lead. He now walks to heel, sits and stays all on command. I can let him off the lead with confidence that there will no longer be a 20 to 25 minute wait for him to come back from chasing birds, cows, sheep or anything else that took his fancy. Now, as soon as I recall him, he happily comes back. He will walk to heel both with and without the lead and will sit, down and stay at a distance as well as at heel. The command to sit and stay, has made a huge difference, even for simple things, such as now he will sit down while you put his collar and lead on, instead of him getting over excited, leaping around everywhere and my having to chase him and hold him down to get them on. What has pleased me most though, is that you have managed to achieve this without affecting his personality. Yes he is now much better behaved, but you have achieved the good behaviour without changing Hector's personality and he is still the same social, happy, cheeky chap - but a whole lot easier to live with and to take out. If anyone requires a recommendation for a trainer, I will be more than happy to recommend you and also of course the excellent faclities that the dogs enjoy during their stay with you.
    Again, many thanks.
    Tina Craib
  • Tina Craib

  • I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with Meg since her return from her training. It is only now that I realise just how much of a handfull she was prior to her stay with you - a full blown lab puppy boistrous, destructive and full of mischief!

    She is walking beautifully on the lead and will even walk past barking dogs now without straining to get to them, fields of sheep are no problem as is stopping to chat to a neighbour - she just settles to the down command and waits for us to finish talking (without jumping up!).

    The amazing thing is her behaviour in the house, since her return she hasn't chewed a thing, accepts that she gets no food from the table and doesn't attempt to jump on us or the furniture or visitors she knows her place and is happy with it. She is much better with the girls now, no mouthing or knocking over and is very gentle regardless of the attention that she gets.

    We would recommend you to anyone!

    Kind regards