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Gundog training and Obedience training from professional gun dog trainer G Gibson

Dog Boarding Kennels

We run a small boarding kennel where we are licensed to accomodate 21 dogs. Set in a picturesque private country estate well back from roads and traffic.

As we look after our dogs personally we can guarantee individual attention to each dog's wellbeing. The dogs are walked morning and evening and if the weather is good we turn them out to our exercise runs during the day. The kennels are individualy heated which allows us to control the temperature to suit each dog.

We supply bedding, feeding, and treats. All dogs must have their vaccinations, including kennel cough, up to date.

We can accomodate dogs with special requirements such as older dogs and dogs on medication.

Rates incl of insurance:

  • All breeds: £10 per day

Deposit required at time of booking. (Full payment during peak periods.)

We offer special rates for long stays - eg. one month and over please contact us for a quote.

We also offer discounts for clients with three or more dogs during off-peak periods

Viewing welcome by appointment.

Our opening hours for pick up and drop off are:

Monday - Sunday 9am to 11am or by appointment

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