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Gundog training and Obedience training from professional gun dog trainer G Gibson

Complete Training for the Working Spaniel

Jan 28, 2015

The New book will be released around May 2015 . It will be available to buy via this website using Paypal. Any questions about the book or Gundog training in general please feel free to ask via this blog page.

You forget how small they are when the new puppy arrives at 8 weeks old . It has all the potential to be a super gundog it is up to the trainer to bring out the natural ability that has been bred into it for generations .

Complete Training for the Working Spaniel - New Book Coming Soon

Jan 12, 2015

Complete Training for the Working Spaniel is an essential guide to training spaniels for the shooting field, aimed at both beginners and seasoned trainers. It provides step-by-step instruction on training, from puppyhood all the way through to working the dog, in the various disciplines in the shooting field. There are beautiful images to demonstrate the training techniques throughout.

The book also covers gundog tests and field trials, for the reader who would like to take their spaniel to competitive level. There is also advice and tips from some of the top gundog triallers in the UK, including Ian Openshaw, Eddie Scott, David Lisett, Billy Steel, John Halsted and Andy Platt, to name a few.

Author Graham Gibson has been training gundogs professionally for over twenty years, and successfully teaches owners and handlers to train their own working dogs. His simple training methods are based upon the essential need to gain the dog’s respect, keeping in mind that dogs are first and foremost pack animals. This book aims to teach you how to establish mutual respect and train a hard-working dog of whom you can be proud.